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My faves! They have to be REALLY good to get here.




kalliat has started a donation pool!
0 / 2,000
REQUESTS: you can ask
ART TRADES: you can ask
KIRIBAN: 200 watchers


bruh just gimme as many points as u want and i'll give u as much art as u can get for that


I will do:
:bulletred: Canines
:bulletpurple: Felines
:bulletblue: Gore
:bulletgreen: Humanoids
:bulletyellow: Anthro
:bulletorange: Dragons, griffins, mythical creatures
:bulletpink: Writing

I will not do:
:bulletred: Porn
:bulletpurple: Degrading art
:bulletblue: Fish
:bulletgreen: Extreme horror
:bulletyellow: Anything that's "too far"
:bulletorange: Anything I do not wish to do.


I hold the right to decline any request if I feel uncomfortable or unsafe doing it. I have the right to withhold artwork/ writing until payment has been sent.


Disclaimer: I'm a quick artist, but a slow uploader. After a week, remind me. It's proably been finished for days. All art belongs to me unless you can offer proof of my expressed written consent. Any art theft will be dealt with accordingly- failure to credit me results in me reporting you and keeping all payment as compensation.



Payment is currently only through points. To offer public proof of your payment, please send it through my donation pool. If you're fine without that happening, feel free to just send points.
If for any reason you want to cancel your commission before it's finished, I'll give you half price back. I'll also post everything I've done on it so far. I don't offer refunds if it's finished, sorry.


Price List

This is a rough guide to my prices:

Sketches - 30 :points:
Linework - 50 :points:
Flat Colour - 80 :points:
Simple Shading - 100 :points:
Complex Shading - 130 :points:
Extra Character - + 80 :points:
Simple Background - +40 :points:
Complex Background - +70 :points:
A Cityscape or Hard Lines Background - +100 :points:

Any special requests will be at least an extra 10 :points:.

Note: Yes, my prices are somewhat expensive but I'm not going cheap any more. I believe this is a fair amount and of course, my prices are flexible. If you don't have the amount of points, I'm willing to negotiate something affordable.

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kalliat's Profile Picture
Jo-Bronte Fairweather
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
sup. call me scout, i used to be weeb trash but then i revamped this account so if youre confused as to why im on your watch feed, thats why. im a fan of homestuck, big hero six and cats the musical and i have tumblr art blogs for all three of those.

i have an etsy, too, with my mate sav, the shop name is artisianapocalyptica. we sell art and jewelry.



rumpleteazer costest 2 by kalliat
rumpleteazer costest 2

its so much more vivid with the yellow and peach irl but whatever
rumpleteazer costest by kalliat
rumpleteazer costest
ive never done any cats makeup before, so i'm very proud of how this turned out! i'll post another one of a more teazery expression in a bit!
under the moonlight by kalliat
under the moonlight
topping off the most cliched title with incest, and the knowledge that I finger painted this.
why is it I love them suffering by kalliat
why is it I love them suffering
this is actually an illustration for my fanfic which isn't online yet and as usual when I draw one right,I duck up the other. It's a gift. 

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will google translate work on this or no
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Clockchat Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2014
Hello! Thank you so much for making a favorite out of my deviation "Remover!" That was a looong time ago, but I've been practically extinct from dA up until yesterday, and couldn't recall if I had thanked you...Better safe than sorry! Thanks a plenty, friend!
kalliat Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
haha, you're very welcome! i think it takes a pretty cool kind of person to go and thank everyone individually for recognition of great artwork <333333
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Takes a very cool kind of person to be that sweet as well! :) 
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Happy birthday! :D
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thanks I think

does it actually say April 4 on my profile tho that ain't my birthday

(but thank you for taking the time to say this <3)
Jasperinity Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2014
Aww, naw, it doesn't say that on your profile. =P It said it was your birthday here though.

No problem! :3
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oh!! well it's lovely that you'd do a thing like that uvu //hug sohug so
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CelticAife Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2014

Hey! I forgot to tell you that the chapters of my story with your Botswana OC are uploaded on!

Here's the link:…

Enjoy! :D

kalliat Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
ahhhhh thanks!!!!! you wrote her so well uvu
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Happy Birthday! :iconhappyitalyplz:
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YES U ARE.  :hug:
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Happy Birthday in 7 days~
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Aw, thanks!! uvu what a darling you are

//smooches yooouuuuu

RoseofMidnights Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey Jo, I dont think you took my last message the right way.  I never said I didnt want to be your friend - heck thats the one thing I want the most. To be there with you. I miss talking to you - and I was trying to MEND that friendship if possible by apologizing, even if you did not take it that way.

But if that's what I mean to you - a memory to be forgotten forever.. That's your choice.. I guess I can no longer change it. I just wish it had of been longer. I wish I was not just some dumb person to be spat out and recycled when she got "old" but.. I guess that's the way all my friendships have gone.

If you ever need me, want to talk, vent, Rp, yell at.. Whatever.. I am here alright? Because although I may just be an old memory to you, you are/where a lot more to me.

- Emma
Midnight-Bliss Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2013
Thank you so much for the watch and the fav sweetie! :heart:
Where-Is-My-Sock Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I was Joan of Arc at the Hetalia Day meetup today and there was a France cosplayer who was like half as tall as I was and she was just so tiny and cute and everytime an England cosplayer aproached us I'd grab her and run away screaming "SAVE FRANCE." And she was just like "I must go! My bitches await me!" And she dragged me into Victoria's secret and I got to kiss her forehead and EEK SHE WAS SO CUTE.… She's in line there on the far left. (This was in the beginning there was this frozen yougurt shop that was having it's grand opening and the first 50 people in line get free yogurt for a YEAR EEK. I was the first person in line but my favorite number was three so I became three instead yay. And it was funny because we all had to take pictures in stuff for photo ID reasons and We're like ALL in cosplay. XD)

And this one England and I started Fighting and he was like "THIS IS WHY I BURNED YOU AT THE STAKE." And I gasped extremely dramatically and started to cry/hide behind France and I was like "Too Soon. Too Soon." And then later he tried to hug me and apologize and I'm like "NO. IT'S TOO LATE FOR YOU." And later I was like "I might forgive you because it was your army, not really you." And there was a long silence and he was like "Do I have to get down on my knees and beg you?" And then I was finally just like "No, I forgive you." And we hugged and it was cute and then Fem Prussia and I almost made out.


And look Prussia and America played Patty Cake together and then I'm there……

I was being historical JOA with black hair rather then Blonde oops
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