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I smiled, setting down the tray of tea and scurrying out of the meeting room. England didn't even look up, focusing on his paper, but that was to be expected. He was a busy country, after all. Once in the corridor, I took the silver platter back to the kitchen and checked that nothing was being left undone. Everything covered, good. I straightened my maid uniform, just like the one that Hungary had worn.
In the hallway, my friend Tess was waiting. She held a little notebook in her slim hands. Oh crap. I was on standby duty? I loved my job, don't get me wrong, but standing at the edge of a room and watching nations argue wasn't really an interesting thing to do. Not at all. It was the worst part of the job, except for wash up.
I sighed and took the little book from her anyway and slipped back inside. First I had to spot a gap, then stand there silently and watch for countries in need of assistance.
I found a spot by a large window and stationed myself there, surveying the room. My hair was cut short, but long enough to be tied into a bun. A couple of strands had come loose, and they were annoying me. I couldn't move them, because of the bandana over my hair.
Damn this uniform.
The meeting wasn't that interesting, and really? It was completely pointless. Yet twelve times a year they met, I was on duty for a day and then I'd go home with another country. Basically, I was a full time servant. Only a few of us were.
I wasn't quite sure who'd I'd live with this month, but it was undoubtably one of the Nordics, Baltics or Austria. I hoped it wasn't him. Stupid, stuck up noble. I'd heard that he didn't even serve pasta. I wouldn't mind a Baltic.

The meeting drew to an end, and I rushed out of the room. All the full time maids went straight to the kitchen after the world summit. There would be a note taped to the bench, and on this note would be who we were staying with.
I somehow got there first, and scanned the list for my name. There, and I had...

...I had the Nordic Nations. Whoa. That would be five men, as well as Sealand. What a horror for cleaning. But those were my orders, so I went to find the nations.
They were chatting to each other, ignoring the other countries, and arguing about something. As I drew closer, I heard the conversation.
"... I just hope she's hot. Last time the maid was ugly as hell." Denmark. Of course he'd say something like that. I did worry a bit, though. Mostly the nations I went home with would just greet me curtly then ignore me. These ones seemed to pay attention o heir maids.
I crept up to them, a smile on my face.
"Good day, sirs. I'm your maid for the month. My name is _______." I bowed slightly and blushed a little. Norway was staring, Denmark was smirking and Iceland was blushing. Finland and Sweden just kept talking, and Sealand too. Matthias grinned.
"Looks like I got my wish, hey?" Norway sighed.
"Shut up. Hello, _______." Iceland followed his brother's suit.
I blushed again at Denmark's comment. The nation thought I was hot? He was the hot one, with that spiky hair and grin that never left his face. Of course, most maids had crushes on one country or another, but relationships between humans and nations were prohibited.
I myself couldn't really choose. How could you after seeing that they were all amazing in different ways? Russia was so sweet with his sunflower room, England was a perfect gentleman, France always made sure his maids were happy, Germany had sexy muscles and Italy's cooking was fantastic!
Of course, that was probably a good thing. If I never developed particular feelings, I'd never have to worry about my job. Perfect. I remembered a maid called Marie who had slept with France. She had been fired the next day, and when she went to him to get them to keep her, she had found him in bed with some other girl. I had asked Tess, who was also my boss, why the other person could sleep with him.
She had said that one night stands weren't relationships, except for maids who would see the country again every month and be distracted from their duties. I had also asked about what would happen if she told the world. Tess had simply smiled and walked away.

My mind drew back to the present as the Nordic guys got up, and I quickly drew to a respectful few yards behind them. I straightened my dress and checked my purse was in the pocket. Ok, time to go.
I then realised that their car wouldn't fit me. Crap. Out on the chilly street, I watched them talk about it before Finland said, "... What about a limo?"
Denmark, of course, agreed straight away. Sweden agreed too, since his wife had come up with it. Norway shrugged and Iceland made no comment. We were going in a limo.
I hated being such an inconvenience, but it had to be done so I strove to be quieter and more respectful. If I could. I was always quiet and respectful, except on Sundays when all the maids had their day off.
Five minutes later, I was sitting on smooth, black leather, listening silently as the friends conversed.

A/N: I know this story is going hella slow, but I'm working on that and you'll have to bear with me.... (':  By the way, I'm also using this story as a random

They chatted comfortably, ignoring me as expected. I watched them, taking notes and working to understand their personalities so I wouldn't offend them in my month. It was a common maid practice, one that I was quite adept at. In fact, during my month with Japan he had told me that I was very good at reading the atmosphere.
It had been high praise to me so I had bowed with a word of thanks in Japanese. In fact, that had been the best month of my maiding career. How sad.
Denmark was the most outgoing. He was pestering Iceland, and then, to my amazement, Norway joined in.
"Say it."
"Say it, little brother."
"C'mon Ice, say it!"
"No!" It was quite funny to watch. And then I realised that Norway and Iceland weren't adopted, but blood brothers. How cool.

We arrived at the Nordic Mansion and my jaw dropped. I should've been used to huge houses but no, this one outdid them all by far. It was, oh, five times as big. A huge building with pillars and giant windows, and a cluster of smaller houses to the side. And it was beside a gigantic lake. And it was surrounded by gardens and forests.
I almost fanmaided over it. I got to live here for a whole month?! As they exited the limo, I restrained myself and composed, straightening my dress and bandana and being prim once more.
Inside was just as grand. The tiled floor, dining room with huge wood table and sparkling chandelier, and the huge staircase almost made me faint. I was also pretty relived because a place this large meant lots of other maids. I probably wouldn't have to even lift a finger, so I could just tail one of them.
As soon as we reached the kitchen, the men made a beeline for the fridge and took out a huge jug of beer, and I sensed I was free to find my housing. I scurried upstairs and managed to find a door with a sign saying 'Staff Only' on it. Inside, a few maids were chatting. They wore the same attire as me, and I recognized one. She had short brown hair and amber eyes, and a light dusting of freckles. She was short and always smiling, and if I remembered correctly, her name was Jo.
She remembered me, too. Her face broke into a wide grin and she jumped up to welcome me.
"Oh wow, _______! I haven't seen you in ages!" I gave her a quick hug.
"Me neither, Jo. Do you live here?" She nodded and motioned to the other maid.
"Yeah, I work here with lots of others. Well, five, but still. This is Clare." I greeted Clare politely, secretly thinking she was really beautiful. She had long, blond hair and blue eyes, and a round, pale face. She also had rosy cheeks and she was short too.
"It's nice to meet you."

I had a feeling I'd like this place. A lot.
AMG EDIT I cannot believe I put Baltic, not Nordic. Sorry guys, Ill fix that now. But it's not like anyone actually reads this crap, so why do I even bother worrying?

Hello everyone! I'm really sorry about my lack of updates to my RomanoXReader, but I have kinda lost the drive to do it so whenever I decide to update I will.


I started writing this after I watched Paint It, White again. In the scene where they have a G8 meeting, I looked at the maids in the corner and was all like, wow I wonder what their story is!

So this came to life. I plan for it to be very long, as long as I can. So the plot will be: each chapter you get to go and live with a new country, since it will be a new month yeah?


Tess: My persona. Lolz.
Jo: My little sister.
Clare: Her best friend.

I've decided to include my sis and all of her mates, as well as all of my OCs and fursona and crap like that. And me- Ill be coming into it soon.
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