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Village sur la Montagne by flightresponse

First off, this is amazing! I love it.

Ok. There are a few things I think you could work on though, and please remember Im not trying to be mean! I just come off that way sometimes. And if Im a bit harsh, just ignore it since Im not in the best mood.

First thing, is depth. It's a bit inconsistent with the depth. For example the rooftops. Im not entirely sure why, but it looks quite awkward. And the tree right up the front.
If it was consistent with the depth of everything else, it would just out more, but it looks flat and that doesn't really fit. Oh and if it looks that way because of camera angle, ignore!

Next is perspective. The houses are a bit wonky and oh yes Im well aware how hard it is, but perhaps when carving the base solid block shapes, use rulers and things to make it that bit more regular and realistic! ^^

One last thing. I think perhaps more detail could have been added to the background, but that's up to you. It does come off, though, like that part isn't actually finished.

That's about it. Once more, Im really horrible at being nice DX so yeah. And this work is amazing, far better than I could do! Oh,
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flightresponse Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012
Thank you for the critique and taking the time to write. Sorry that it has taken me awhile to reply back to you. It has been a bit hectic trying to respond to everyone. I appreciate your opinions and I do notice a lot of imperfections within. Even when using a ruler and measuring consistently with my sketch it seems to get a bit distorted. I guess with more practice and patience I will hopefully achieve what I intend to do. I am glad that you do still like it. :)
Again, thank you so much for the input and the awesome rating!
Be well my friend!
kalliat Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
(: You're welcome as always.
I get that problem too, when sculpting with clay.
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